A Quick Drunkard

ベスト・オブ・トーョー・スカ_1998−2007A Quick Drunkard

Words:谷中敦 / Music:加藤隆志

Pump it up Push and pull Get it on Quicken speed

Teasers teach lovesong Longin’ future with love
He makes no bones’ bout drinkin’ And breaks down hopeless hours

Preachin’ manners of love Creeping got him somewhere
He always got a praisin’ line And mixed up hate and loving

Drink up fates with nasty girls Leaving marks of broken proverbs
Getting’ drunk fall in love Moochers bet you,buy you beer

Losers teach bad luck Quicken music and life
He makes no bones about spendin’ And speed up love and drinkin’


~ by yoshibiro on 2007 May, 28.

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