About this Weblog

This site brings Japanese lyrics songs that isn’t published in other romaji lyrics websites, and the word “alternative” means artist or band group that doesn’t have demand for romanization, but it’s from Mainstream music.

I took them from my favorites JPOP artist’s, and I work only with romanization form, that’s mean I’m don’t translate lyrics, because I’m really bad to make a english interpretation or in other language. Maybe I can translate to spanish (depends on my time). All lyrics I’m extract from Utamap Website, this site offers only original version (kanji), and some lyrics songs I extract from scans.

About request lyrics please read Request Section.

¿Why I make this site?

That I mentioned before I submmit lyrics that doesn’t have demand, the reason is when I download singles/albums I add some configurations to each song (cover & lyrics), but not always I can find the lyric that I need, so I romanize it by myself, so this is the final work (see bellow)


7 Responses to “About this Weblog”

  1. Very nice wordpress blog!

  2. Hola Yoshibiro, llegué al blog buscando la letra de un tema de Aoi Teshima, y me quedé enamorada de la música de fondo, con piano y flata.Me gustaría saber qué es.

  3. Disculpá, ya encontré la informacion al final del blog.No lo había visto XD.

  4. Descuida ^___^

  5. Great weblog. Thank you for the lyrics!

  6. emm. attractive )

  7. THANKS for suemitsu’s lyrics! i love his music sooooo much!!! honto ni ariiigatoooooo 🙂

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