Request Lyrics

If you want request a lyric, I highly recommend see JPopLyrics Links and find the lyric song that you need, if you can’t find it, request here.

Note: Not always I can find all lyrics, so if I can’t get it, send me the scans or the original text in kanji (if you have it) and the song. I don’t translate lyrics, only romaji form ^__^

For now I’m little busy, so I only make romanization with my own Jpop music staff. But you can make a request, so please be patient ^___^

Any question please write your comment, Ja ne! ^^


92 Responses to “Request Lyrics”

  1. Hola!

    Thanks for posting Kobukuro’s songs! I was wondering if you had Million Films romaji lyrics… I added your lyrics to my blog, and gave credit 🙂

  2. Hi there..

    Do you have the lyric for Suemitsu and the Suemith’s Sagittarius?
    I’ve been looking for it anywhere.. the romaji form please as I cant read Kanji.. hehe..

    Thanks a loottt!! 🙂

  3. Hi!, not yet, but I work it for it, so don’t worry I will submit soon ^^

  4. Look this link, here is the lyric song in romaji:

  5. hi there…can i request all of redballoon and one ok rock romaji lyrics…coz i seems like cant find any of the lyrics….please……….thanx in advanced…
    p/s: can you notify me via email after you have done with the lyrics….

  6. Ok no problem, let me what can I do ^^

  7. hi!!!!thanx so much for the redballoon lyrics…i really apreciate it a lot!!!! anyway…how about one ok rock lyrics…hope to hear from you soon about that lyrics….and dont forget to notify me again….thanx in advanced…

  8. hello!! i know you have a lot of bonobos lyrics and i am glad..but if it is not too much trouble can you translate the lyrics for “Standing There〜いま、そこに行くよ〜” to romaji? or do you know where i can find these lyrics? thanks so much in advanced!!

  9. I love the redballoon lyrics as well – thanks loads! 😀 For One Ok Rock, there are some lyrics on this site:

  10. hi!! thanks so much for translating the lyrics!

  11. Can you find the lyrics to “ID:404 -LAST PLANET-” by Beeny & Pink Bunny, and anything from SHY’s “Circus” album?

  12. Sorry but the lyric song ID:404 -LAST PLANET- isn’t available on internet U_U… and SHY album “Circus” I’m workin’ for it ^_^

  13. Hi, first of all your site is really different among other Japanese lyric sites – great work! I was wondering if you could take the Kanji from this scan: and make it into highlightable text, text (Kanji) a person could copy and paste. If you would do this I would be very grateful. Many thanks! 😀

  14. Ok, I will do it, don’t worry.

  15. Thank you very much!!

  16. Hi !
    I wanted to know if you have the lyrics of “God forsaken” and “last dance” from Dio [Distraught Overlord] !
    If you have it, can you send me an e-mail to
    Thank you very much, and excuse me for my english : i’m french ^^

  17. Wow, I really love your page. Especially the SUEMITSU & The SUEMITH lyrics are great.
    I wanted to know whether you could do the lyrics for Orange Range’s new single “Ikenai Taiyô”?
    Thanks in advance – keep up your great work 🙂

  18. Lyrics by Mayumi Itsuwa Nokoribi

  19. to know this song. i dunno the name but i listen from here can someone tell me the name. thanks

  20. Hello, i was wondering, could you send me, the lyrics for “God Forsaken” by ‘Dio Distraught Overlord’. It would be greatly Appreciated :D…. Email me @-
    Thank you once agian. If it is not possible i understand 🙂

  21. Sorry U_U, but the new songs of Dio I Can’t find it on Internet, If you have a scan or a fan site blog that I can find the kanji version, please contact here. Arigatou ^__^.

  22. Please mail me Lyrics of “Sanpo Michi”, its Soundtrack of “Anchor Women” Japan Old TV Series…
    I always find it but i can’t get it.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………..

  23. Hi!
    Request Lyrics “GReeeeN – Album A, Domo Hajimemashita”
    and “COOLON – Today Single”
    and “FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – Lovin’Life single”
    Thank you very much!

  24. Visit this website you can find Lovin’Life lyric

  25. Hey!
    Please, if you can find Analog Fish’s:
    -Iku no Sa

    Can’t find it anywhere!!!! = ]

    domo arigato gozaimashita!!!

  26. Here is GReeeeN last album lyrics: enjoy it!

  27. Hi! Thank you for COOLON romaji Lyrics ^^
    I request lyric “May J – Dear… single”
    Thank you very much!!!

  28. hi!!! ^_^ thank you for sharing redballoon’s songs lyric!!! XD they are so talented and i never knew that these kyoudai do the lyrics and musics for their songs 😀 can i request lyrics in their debut album, FIRST STORY? ^_______^ i have the full album in mp3 but unfortunately i don’t have their album scans u_u

  29. Well it’s too hard find their first album lyrics on Internet U_U, I need the scans XD.

  30. I have found lyrics in kanji for the whole album!!! XD

  31. WOW! Thanks I will work for it!

  32. thank you!!!! i’m looking forward to it!!!! XD

  33. Hello, do you mind if you can translate News b-side on their new single, “WeeeK” It’s called, “Why”. and I’m desperate for a translation or romaji of the song. Thank you if u can.

  34. am… I’m confused, what artist are you talkin’ about? oO?

  35. Hello…

    I wanted to know if you have the lyrics of Dio Distraught Overlord with GOD Forsaken? I’m searching for the translation everwhere but I can’t seem to find it…

  36. i like to know lyrics NOKORIBI from Mayumi Itsuwa.
    any body want to help me?

  37. If you mean the romaji version, this is the link:

  38. I’m looking for dio~distraught Overlord lyrics to the song GOD FORSAKEN could you help me??? Please send the lyrics to .thank you.

  39. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  40. ..~~ ohayo!!.. cant find lyrics “you and me” by June.. help me pls..~~domo arigato!!^^

  41. Hi! I’m here to request Dio – GOD Forsaken ~Boku wa kimi no kikazatta karada kyouyuu~ lyrics. I have the booklet scan if you need it. I would really appreciate it.

  42. Oops. My mail is Sorry ^^;;

  43. Hello! I’m looking for Dio – Distraught Overlord lyrics. Song is God forsaken. Please could you help me?
    Send the lyrics to if you have it.
    Domo arigato gozaimasu.

  44. Hello! I reaaaaally am so happy a site like this came along. I always see websites translating mostly mainstream Jpop and such, and I don’t really listen to that stuff. I’m really into Japanese indie. I noticed you have waffles’ lyrics up there, AND coltemonikha! I was so happy. But theres a group that I cannot find lyrics for AT ALL! Ive been loooking for years, and no luck. They sing between English and Japanese but they have a thick accent so its difficult to understand what they are saying. The group is polyABC. Here is their official website!

    I really..cannot even find their album scans online. They are kind of unknown to..alot of people. =/ I’d be..happy with pretty much any song of theirs romanized. haha

  45. Thanks for your comment ^_^. About polyABC, mmmmm, I will try find some lyrics of their group, so I notify you if I get it ^^. Ja neee.

  46. Hi!, could you post ‘lounge of rapture’ lyrics from Paris Match, Pleeeeeease! can’t find it anywhere. Thank you in advanced 🙂

  47. Ok, I will try it

  48. Hi,
    is there a chance for me to get an english translation of Nahji no Uta from Seirei no Morbibito? I just can’t find a translation on the net 😦

  49. Mmmmm, I’m not very well with translation, but that lyric is so strange and it used a okinawa dialect (I guest…o_O?)

  50. Hello! I try to find the romanji lyrics for 魅せられて by judy ongg, it’s an old song but it’s very classic!! :):):) Thanx so much!

  51. Ok, I will find it ^^

  52. I’m looking for the Romaji lyrics to “Missin’ U” by Ishida Yuko (石田裕子).

    Thanks in advance! ^^

  53. Ok, I will check it too ^^

  54. cool 浜崎あゆみ fan site

  55. Ohhh arigatou gozaimasu

  56. Hello!!

    your website is awesome, i enjoin every day singing tokyo ska paradise ^^
    now i really wonder if you can find me lyrics of the bands 銀杏BOYZ (ging nang boyz) and Sparta locals.

    honestly thank you very much, i will as always come here to see and sing ^^
    thanks for nice moments =)

  57. Your welcome, and I will try find the lyric

  58. Oh, i’ve reached out for Kaya lyrics in kanji but it was impossible for me to find it ç_ç
    Even in fansites I didnt [sorry for the poor english ^^”]
    If at least I could find the scan it would be more easier [in this case I could get the kanji lyrics of Kaya for myself]…
    迦夜>His name in kanji ^^

  59. Ok, I will try it find lyrics of Kaya ^__^

  60. Can I request ‘Can’t Stop My Love.’ by Yuko Ishida it’s the B-Side for Missin’ U. I can’t find it anywhere x3

  61. Ok, I will find the lyric ^^

  62. hii! if you can, id love the lyrics to ひかり by 369. not translated or anyhting, romaji is fine


  63. well, mmm I will find the lyric, but I need the song (mp3).

  64. oh i can give it to you.. would email be okay?

  65. actually i found it online, on a file upload site.. if you dont mind me posting the link here

  66. Hello there~! May I request lyrics for “Hello” From the album called “Cute” by Hazel Nuts Chocolate? Many thanks in adavance, keep up the good work~! (Finding My Little Lover lyrics is so rare. Thanks for all of these awesome lyrics.) n_n

  67. I will try, but is very very difficult find that lyric, coz’ that band group is indie, so isn’t popular. ^__^

  68. Could you possibly get the lyrics to: Miwa Sasagawa- Izanai?

  69. Ok I will find the lyric.

  70. My email is

    Please send the lyrics to my email.


  71. ONE OK ROCK – Naihi Shinsho 1st single by one ok rock english translation i cant find it anywhere..

  72. i been searching for a week can you help me find the english translation to DARLING BY ACID from ablum PRAY FOR THE FUTURE?? i would indeed be appreciated of your effort 🙂

  73. can you help me find english translation to ONE OK ROCK – Naihi shinsho and DARLING BY ACID from album PRAY FOR THE FUTURE. I been searching for a week with no luck. I be much appreciated of your effort.. 🙂

  74. I will try find lyric, I’m so busy, but I will check it.

  75. Hi Yoshibiro-san, could you translate “Wants” by GRAPEVINE?

    here’s the kanji lyrics:

    thank you very much~~ >w<

  76. Hi!

  77. Do you have the lyrics for MEG – PRECIOUS?

  78. ohayou …

    do you have “kizuna” & “Be free” lyrics by GreeeeN ?
    could u translate it in english for me ? pleaseee …
    I have trying hard to find it, but all I can find is in romaji


  79. arigatou gozaimashita for the Izanai lyrics
    Could you possibly find the lyrics to “Nagashite Shimaou” by Miwa Sasagawa also?
    Again, arigatou. My email is still

  80. do you have orugooru lyrics by john-hoon ?
    could u help me ? pleaseee …
    I have trying hard to find it, but all I can find is in romaji
    i like this song so much

    thanks before

  81. do you have orugooru lyrics by john-hoon ?
    could u help me ? pleaseee …
    I have trying hard to find it, but all I can’t find it in romaji
    i like this song so much

    you can send it in

    thanks before

  82. hai

    do you have Orugooru lyric by john-hoon??

    i like this song but i don’t know the lyric

    i hope you can help me.

    thanks before

  83. it is only recently that i discovered paris match and i so love the group! can you please post the lyrics to track 11 from their album AFTER SIX? I’ll be looking forward to it and thanks a lot!

  84. HIHI~
    Would you mind translate the 告白 and 希望の唄 by Funky Monkey Babys?
    I only can read romanji -.-”
    Thanks very much

  85. Hello!

    I love all the work you have done translating the romanji for different songs. I actually help run a HALCALI fansite ( and I was wondering if we could post your translations up on our site. We would credit you of course. Contact me if this isn’t okay with you. Thanks again!

  86. Would you be able to find the kanji for anything by “The Seeker”? 😦 I can romanize myself, but it’s so hard to find the kanji! I’m not even sure if the one set I have is correct. 😦

  87. Hello, I’ve been searching high and low for Soutaiseriron’s romaji lyrics for Hi Fi Anatomia but to no avail. Can you help me translate them to romaji form? These are the songs I’m interested in: Tere Higashi, Jigoku Sensei, Shinagawa Nanbaa, and Runesansu. If you’re too busy any one of these would be great! Thanks.

  88. hey man, your site is great xD
    i wanna some lyrics of japanese band DOES

  89. hello! I as hoping maybe you could romanize Rodeo by Suneohair? The link to the lyrics in kanji is here :

    thank you so much! xD

  90. Hello, can you romanize “Kokou no Meikyuu” by Yuuki Aira? Here’s the link to the kanji lyrics…

    Please email me about it, thanks!

  91. hi!!can you please give me the romanized and english translation lyrics of TABIDATSU KIMI HE of bleach anime..badly need it especially the english translation!!arigatou!!

  92. the time is now, by Capsule please? ^-^

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